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When you truly love something, you'll want to share it with as many people as possible. On, we're already offering great prices on all of our raw milk cheeses, but we want to sweeten the deal even further with a Prestigious Cheese Society (PCS) discount for those who love our cheese and don't mind helping us spread the word about it.

Simply login to our site using your Facebook account to join the PCS today and enjoy an immediate 10% discount on all individually packaged cheeses. This discount works in conjunction with our free shipping offer on orders over $100, so you can get a 10 pound box of cheese shipped to you for free to float you through the next couple of months (or weeks for the cheese addict among us).

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions to improve the PCS. Joining the PCS automatically adds you to our newsletter, but if you don't have a Facebook account and still want to be notified of our special offers, use the newsletter signup form below or contact us to manually add your e-mail address to the PCS.

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